Saturday 12th September, 2020

Today we travelled to Pacific Pines home ground and the team followed on from the last couple of weeks and put in a stirling effort in which they controlled the centre clearance and rebounds.

This gave our forward line plenty of ball and ending up with some great shots at goals and putting a very convincing score on the board. All our Centre, Backs and Forwards controlled their area which was great team effort all round.

We hunted in packs and the aggression was very pleasing toward the ball which resulted with us getting first use and also glad to see the team working hard in the packs and creating plenty of pressure on the opposition.

Award winners this week, parents awards went to Luka and Ryland and the coaches award this week went to Cooper. 

Overall a very good team effort, lets continue this way in our last two games for the season, let's really put in and finish the season strongly, well done all.

Saturday 5th September, 2020

We played the Southport Blacks at home which turned into a real competitive game from all angles.

The team was great and for most of the game was switched on and really showed a great spirit to win the ball and also was very pleasing the way we worked in numbers.

From the start to the finish it was head to head right to the last score in the final quarter and very encouraging to see our lads really take it up to Southport with nothing in the score at the end of the game, well done lads.

This week's parents award went to Chayce and the coaches award went to Jaxon. The club also gave an award to Leo for a massive improvement from last year. Well done to all. 

Saturday 29th August, 2020

We had a early game down at Benowa against the Surfers Paradise Demons, which the team put in a great effort and after a fast start by the Demons we came from behind and outscored them for the rest of the game which was very pleasing.

We had players working especially hard in the centre and was a great effort by them, which gave our forwards first chance at the ball and resulted goals on the board.

The Backs picked up their man and played a tight game and showed great tackling and desperation towards the ball.

The players are also staring to follow the ball more and picking up where to move to quicker, as well, good to see all showing plenty of endeavour in this game too.

Great to see two new players in Tavo and Spencer putting two good performances very pleasing.

Our award winner from the parents this week went to Cooper and the coaches awards went to Tayvn and Spencer. Most tackles for the game went to Chayce, well done boys top effort.

Saturday 22nd August, 2020

Well we played at home last week against the Spartans in a hotly contested game of footy with nothing in it at the end.

The kids worked hard and if we pick up just some little facets of the game of picking up our players and following the play better, we will be moving in the right direction.

Our award winners this week from the parents went to Luka and our coaches awards went to Cody and Ryland, well done boys you all played well and were very deserving of your awards this week. 

Our efforts by all was great and good to see players new to the game starting show their advancement and understanding of our game, and nice to see the kids encouraging each other.

I think we have now only five games left till the end of the season so lets really finish strongly all working together and encourage each other.

Sunday 16th August, 2020

This week we headed to Labrador and the team put in a good effort right to the end with all trying hard right to the end. We still need to be aware of play and to be able to read which way the ball will be coming from and be able to adapt and swing to either side of the ground, but this will come as we move forward and with experience.

With a lot of our team playing for the first time , it is pleasing to see the kids turning up and having a go and from a coach's point developing their skills in every game they are playing and main thing having fun.

Our award winners from the parents went to Cooper, Cody and Chayce who all fought really hard today with plenty of strong tackles, they all chased the ball really hard and there were a few great marks taken.

Coaches awards went to Kobe and Elijah who also tackled really hard today and 2nd and 3rd efforts were amazing, we even had a few knocks that didn't stop them.

All the new players to the game are coming along great and starting to adapt to rules and what is required, as we go along all will just get better and better , so let's all get to training and get ready for a big game this week at home.

Saturday 8th August, 2020

On Saturday we played against Pacific Pines in a game that we contested well and fought out right to the end and played our best football in the last quarter, which was pleasing to see.

Award winners on Saturday were Cooper, Noah and Elijah, well done boys. 

In both Wednesday and Saturday games we started slowly and seem to always build momentum as we go along. We need to bring the intensity right from the start and create pressure on the opposition right from the first bounce.

We still need to chase harder and pick up our opposition players, but overall we are getting better each game and if we can build on the little things, then the wheels will turn our way.

Great to see the Kids enjoying playing and really putting in on the field which great for all to watch.

We are getting new players joining us weekly and recently Ryland and last week Spencer who had his first game this week, very pleasing to see the rest of team making all new players feeling right at home with us.

Wednesday 5th August, 2020

A little treat for a Wednesday!!! Tough game for the kids, they came up against a very talented and very disciplined Surfers Demons.

To the kids credit, they never gave up and continued to run hard and stick plenty of tackles through all 4 quarters. Very proud of all their efforts last night.

Our award winners for the night were Harry, Leo and Luka all very deserving this week, well done boys.

Saturday 1st August, 2020

We travelled to Southport on Saturday morning to play Southport White, in a very competitive game of football.

Coomera for the total 4 quarters matched Southport in every facet, showing great spirit and determination towards the ball and applied pressure from the start with our tackling and attack on the ball.

The main things that came out from this game is that we have to work on picking up the opposition players and our kicking. The most pleasing things to come out of this game is how we never gave up and fought it out right to the end and scored more in the last quarter than the previous three quarters of the game.

From a coach's view point it is so pleasing to see our team never drop their heads and show a great never give in attitude well done.

Our awards this week went to Chayce and Luka who both took some great marks and plenty of hard ball gets. You both gave 100% for the whole game, well done boys your effort this week was awesome. 

Friday 17th July, 2020

The team played their first game under lights against Carrara Saints at their home ground on Friday. They walked away with a very convincing display by all and controlled the game from start to the end .

From the first quarter right thru to the fourth we worked hard to deliver the ball into our forward line. With determined efforts by all the players to keep the ball moving towards our forwards, whom on nearly all occasions scored goals from the efforts of the players in the centre.

The pleasing aspects to come out of this game was the team work by all and the way the forward line players shared the ball around with a lot of great handballs and fine team work, and also good to hear a lot more voices being used as well.

Great to see a lot of players scoring their first goals for the year as well, and how all the players came from all positions to congratulate those player showing great team spirit.

Overall was that we never let up on the pressure and the team work was great. Our awards this week went to Cody, Kobe and Chayce. Well done boys, you all played some great footy this week.

Saturday 11th July, 2020

Well we kick off again at home against the Ormeau Bulldogs with a fine effort by all involved. We started slow in the first quarter, but started to move the ball well in the second quarter with some great work done at the centre ball up, with the boys breaking clear from the centre to drive the ball into our forward line on numerous occasions, which resulted in goals on the board for us.

Going into half time the team was full of confidences and continued their strong play in the third quarter, what was pleasing was the tackling and way our players where bursting away from their opposition, some great foot speed.

The fourth quarter continue the same way with whole team showing that they wanted to finish the game on a strong note and worked hard and led the way over their opposition, well done everyone. We had a new player join us in Isabella, who for her first run did a great job, well done Isabella. Overall fine team effort to come from behind and win the next three quarters.

Award winners this week were Tiernan Brennan and Tysin Taylor.