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Do you love AFL footy but think your best playing days are behind you? Think again!

Come and play Masters AFL at Coomera Magpies and regain that passion you once had for this great game. Masters AFL lives by the motto – footy for fun, friendship & fitness – and is all about social fun with mates while improving your fitness and reliving some of those past glory days!

Weekly training sessions followed by fortnightly games is all the commitment you need – then enjoy some good old fashioned banter with the boys while enjoying a cold beer! 

At Masters level (35+), past skills and experience is irrelevant but a desire to have fun and enjoy having a kick with mates in a friendly competition is what really counts. 

If you miss playing footy, this is your chance to get back out there and strut your stuff!

Training starts in late February with the first game in early April.

Everyone is welcome, so come and join the Magpies nest in the Masters AFL competition!