Inspect the ground on match days to ensure it is prepared to acceptable standards

  1. Ground markings completed
  2. Protection on goal/point posts
  3. Any obstacles on ground removed

Ground Marshall's are the only person permitted to approach the Umpire. Ensure that games commence at designated times, in consultation with Umpires and Time Keepers and ensure the huddles are broken up in time to commence the game.

Ensure Medical Attendant and stretcher is in place.

Be in attendance to the Umpires (if no Umpires Escort) prior to, during breaks and after the game and ensure Umpires are escorted on and off the ground.

Patrol the area inside the fence line and boundary line around the perimeter of the Field making sure there are no spectators inside the fence line and that only the persons on the Team Sheet are in the Coaches Boxes.

Ensure the Players, Spectators, Club Officials, Water Carriers and Runner are abiding by the Codes of Conduct.

Juniors must be 4m behind the perimeter line.

Ensure that Runners only run a message to a player and then return immediately to the Coaches Box.

Make sure that Water Carriers leave the field (at the nearest boundary) and are not near the field of play. They are not to remain on the field for any length of time.

Be the pivot for information for both Teams and Umpires.

Oversee the Codes of Conducts on match days and liaise with the Executive Team for any breaches of Codes of Conduct.

It is important that Ground Marshall's conduct themselves in a firm but polite manner and are not over officious when speaking to persons regarding breaches of Codes of Conduct.

Please liaise with the Club President/Vice President that the AFL Match Day checklist has been completed via the Match Day App prior to games commencing.

Ensure no dogs are within the fenced areas.

It is the responsibility of the Ground Marshall to tell the Host Club if there were any breaches of any AFL Laws or Rules and if needed complete a separate form for the above.

All Under 16's games ensure there is a Ground Marshall from each competing club.

It is important to note that Ground Marshall duties/responsibilities are to assist/contribute to the quality management of Junior Football on match days. The Ground Marshall should reflect the positive aspects of our Code of Conduct. They should be able to provide a pro-active service to all the participants of Junior Football.


To be a Ground Marshall you are required to undertake the following training and readings. Please advise the club secretary via jnrsecretarycmfc@gmail upon completion. 

Ground Marshall Accreditation Test