Sunday 9th August, 2020

With a fair bit of rain leading up to the game we knew it was going to be a wet surface on our away trek to Southport on an early Sunday morning.

As predicted the ground was very heavy a lot of puddles on the ground and it had been chopped up due to previous games the day before It was going to be a tough scrappy contest, We just had to rough it out, get dirty and a little bit rough and just try and slow down they're run.

Southport are a good side in this grade and they have a few good players through the middle which made it hard for our girls to compete in the middle, with them getting easy balls up to the forwards and kicking easy goals. We knew the scoreboard was never gonna be an indication of our effort, but the girls kept digging deep against a far bigger and more skillful outfit. We did however, show that we wanted to run and the girls NEVER gave up.

Again it's all a learning curve and it doesn't get any easier I know and the training and the effort put in has been fantastic and we are moving towards something great and gaining great experience on the way.

Best players for this round were Elanor, Zoey, Peanut, Lani, Bronte & Maddie H.