Saturday 5th September, 2020

This weekend saw us travel over to Carrara for what was a great exhibition of what kids sport should all be about. We knew on Tuesday we would be short on numbers for the game. So we rang ahead to Carrara and explained the situation. They have 22 under 11 girls at their club and so were more than happy will to help out and share some players. This meant that not only would we get a game but that every girl would get a full 4 quaters of footy. We only had 6 so Carrara provided another 6 and with our powers combined we became the unstoppable Ca-roomera!

The game that resulted was sensational. Right from the first bounce the energy and enthusiasm was running high. The first quarter saw the Ca-roomera girls get a number of early goals through the skilful boot of our very own Kayley who was set up time and again through great centre work. 

Into the second quarter the intensity stayed high and the newest members of our team in Zali and Sarah combined well with Scarlett and Leila to continue delivering the ball up front where this time we were unfortunately denied a number of goals by the Saints goal line defence. However, our backs started to see more of the ball as the game progressed but, in following on from last weekend, McKinley and Mia worked well with our new recruits to plug the holes, stop the ball and send it back our way. 

The 2nd half saw Amelia arrive in the centres and make an impact winning the ball out of the ruck and booting it forward. While in the forwardline Leila connected with her new team mates to send home a few more goals. 

Overall this game was a real showing of quality football from these young players. The skills and determination not to mention the teamwork and sportswomanship shown by the players on both teams was first class. It was truly a great game to watch.

Awards this week go to Leila for a great performance across the ground getting numerous contested possessions, taking a sensational intercept mark and setting up a goal. The second award goes to Kayley who also had a great game even snapping a goal after running around two defenders. Well done magpie's!!!

Friday 28th August, 2020

Where to begin? What a game! It’s official - the Coomera girls mean business! Running out onto the field, both teams didn’t have a player to spare. This didn’t stop either side from taking to the Coomera field with passion and determination! 

In the first quarter, the swing was with Ormeau who had possession in their forward line for the majority of the time, scoring a number of early goals. However, these goals weren’t given away easily, as our young Magpies quickly warmed up, finishing the first term with Amelia scoring our first goal with a long kick that cleared the pack and ran on through the sticks. 

At the turn of the second quarter, changes were made to shorten the length of the field, giving all the players a better chance at getting their hands on the ball. This certainly livened up the game, and again, Ormeau came out and kicked a couple of quick goals. As our girls adjusted to the new format, they began scoring goals in reply to Ormeau and it became a much more even competition. 

At half time it seemed as though the girls could feel that they were in with a chance to sing the club song for the first time. A few position changes brought Miley and Amelia into the middle, Scarlett, Kayley and Mia into the forward line and Tilly, Mackinley and Lexi to the back line. With this set up, something just clicked, Miley and Amelia winning the ball in the center and sending it to the forward line where Scarlett was taking solid marks, Mia and Kayley were cleaning up the crumbs, and between the three of them they managed to maintain possession and kick numerous goals. The back line were relentless in their defence. They won the ball time and again, showed fearlessness in their tackles and were determined not to let Ormeau get another goal. 

This trend continued into the last quarter, with Coomera in complete control of the game. Anyone keeping score lost count as our little Maggies piled on yet more goals. At the final siren, the girls ran off the field beaming with confidence and spirit... only to realise that Miley and Mackinley were the only ones who knew the club song! Club President Troy soon had them sorted by calling everyone into the clubhouse to sing together and celebrate a cracking game! 

Captain of the week was Kayley who came good with her promise from training - she vowed to lead her team to victory! Awards this week went to Mackinley and Tilly for their work in defence, and Scarlett for non-stop goals in the second half. Again, I wish I had an award for each of the girls, as they all shone in what was a great team performance. 

Saturday 22nd August, 2020

It was a cracking day for footy Saturday morning and the performance of our young Magpies did not disappoint. Against arguably one of the strongest teams in the competition our girls dug in and gave nothing away easily. For three quarters the girls held strong with Southport only managing 3/4 hard earned goals. In the last quarter with some changes across the field and the energy starting to run out, a well oiled Sharks team scored a succession of quick fire goals, however we had the last word with Amelia "peanut" Paff slotting the last goal of the game right before the siren.

It really was a fantastic game of footy to watch. I am so proud of the improvements visible in each and every one of the girls. I saw on Saturday some kick to kick play, complete with overhead contested marks, that would not have looked out of place on the telly. The 'footy sense' is starting to show as the girls read the play and position themselves accordingly.

It was no easy task to give out the awards this week, as I said to the girls, I really needed 10 of them because each girl deserved one. However there was only 2 this week and they went to; Kayley for an all over great game. Forward, middle, back, it didn't matter where she was her impact was felt with gritty possessions won time and again. Laura for another great game played all over. Winning possessions and taking on the opposition with fearlessness.

Captain this week was Makinley who did a fantastic job psyching the team up before retaking the field after each break.

Friday 7th August, 2020

Last night was a wet and slippery contest at home under the lights. Pac Pines were on the ball from the opening bounce and scored freely in the first quarter, with our girls taking a little while to warm up.

From the second quarter on however, the Coomera girls started firing, began applying defensive pressure and fighting to win the contested ball off the ground, of which there was plenty. This gritty determination leveled the competition and made for a great game.

With each quarter this young team plays, the improvement is amazing. It's so great to watch the confidence grow and the lessons and hard work from training come to life on the field.

Highlights of the night include;
- Scarlett kicking her, and the team's first goal in the 3rd quarter as well as picking up important possessions around the ground.
- Mia Cootes winning lots of the ball, tackling hard and making numerous running breaks - tucking the footy under her arm, taking off like a rocket and fending off the Pac Pines defenders.
- Mylee working hard all over the ground, laying tackles, taking grabs, winning the ruck and delivering the ball to her teammates off the boot.
- Mia Walshe's growth in confidence taking her into the ball contests and winning possessions.
- Captain for the night was our Pocket Rocket Alexi who demonstrated courage to everyone present returning to the ground after injuring her finger in the 3rd term.

Congratulations to all of our young Magpies on a great team performance. Well done.

Friday 31st July, 2020

Tonight was the first game for the Coomera 11.5 girls and they should be very proud. They came up against a talented and experienced team in Surfers Paradise. The Demons experience showed in the first half as they won the ball in contests all over the ground and really controlled the play. Our girls worked through their nerves and put in a good fight but just couldn't get control of the ball.

As the whistle blew for the second half it was clear to see the nerves were gone as the young Magpies got to work. They won the ball in the ruck and started getting crucial centre clearances. The backs and centres rebounded the ball keeping it in our forward line and when the Demons managed to get forward, the girls fought hard and gave nothing away easily. If the first half was a little one sided, the second was definitely an even contest!

Congratulations to our young team on a great performance. Best on ground this week goes to;
- Kayley for a non-stop gritty performance winning contested posessions, tackling and grabbing important marks.
- Alexie for a courageous performance in her first ever game, as the youngest player on the field! Alexie was at the bottom of the contest winning the ball and even managed to make a break streaming toward the goal, unlucky to come up with only a minor score. What a first game Alexie!
- Captain of the night was Mia W.

Great game Magpies!!!