This season we are going to collectively run as a club the distance from the Club House to Yamba NSW. This is approximately 250km. ¼ of a million meters!!!!
We are going to complete this by running around the perimeter of the oval.
To reach this target our aim is for the players to run the following targets:
Auskicker’s – minimum 2 laps: 1000m (1km)
8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11.5 girls – minimum 3 laps: 1500m (1.5km)
12’s, 13.5 girls, 16’s – minimum 4 laps: 2000m (2km)
Coaches – at least one lap with their teams
Parents and siblings are welcome to join in (especially with the little ages)
We are hoping that you will get behind this fundraiser and encourage your friends, family and neighbour’s to sponsor and show their support. All the funds you raise will go back into supporting the club and help with the running costs for this season and going into next season.

Event Details:
Tuesday 25th August
Start: 16:30 Auskicker’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s.
16:45 Girls Teams, 12’s and 16’s.

Upon Completion the club will provide Pies for dinner for EVERY CHILD that participates!

Sponsor Sheet